When it rains, it pours

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When Bill Angelidis, Founder and Director of Asta, a Melbourne-based IT and Technology company, checked on his company’s office one very stormy night in December 2016, shock quickly turned to worry as he realised that the offices had flooded entirely. Raging storms over Melbourne had caused extensive damage around the city and to their building.

The flooded Asta office

As the leader of an established business with staff, clients and lots of IT equipment, Bill dealt with the immediate effects of the flood on the physical space and disruption to the Asta business. From water extraction and equipment removal to assessing potential risks from mould and water damage — yet by far the more challenging task was handling the necessary insurance claim.

Fast forward to June 2017, and Bill was not only experiencing the pain of history repeating, another storm — another office flood, more frustratingly, he was dealing with another insurance claim. With significant damage to equipment and some hard conversations with his insurer, the business was facing unacceptable downtime, again.

After going through the challenging task of (literally) wading through offices — and then wading through the insurance process, not once, but twice in twelve months — Bill was sure there had to be a quicker, more straightforward way for businesses to manage insurance claims when disaster strikes.

Water damaged computer parts from the aftermath of the Asta office floodings

Surely there was a secure, effective, online asset management platform available to speed up the process and reduce the stress (and the paperwork)?

But there wasn’t. So we created one.

Day By Day was founded in Melbourne Australia in 2018 from a belief that the insurance process needed to be reimagined for a modern world. Our team includes business, technology and insurance leaders who have decades of experience and know-how in emerging tech and end-to-end insurance.

Day By Day is disrupting the global insurance industry with NFTs and DeFi

Day By Day is a decentralised insured asset management platform, reimagining insurance processes to be simple and easy for you, your insurer and broker.

Using innovative and secure blockchain technology, the Day By Day asset registry and management platform solves many of the roadblocks in current insurance processes, so our customers can secure and prove asset ownership and manage claims quickly — when time is critical.

Our asset register app aims to help members catalogue and register assets and valuables, all day, every day, from your phone or laptop — on the go. So, when it comes to making insurance claims, you’re able to easily prove ownership of your assets, eliminating under insurance and speeding up the process.

Whether you’re insuring personal items as a homeowner, renter or landlord, a small business owner with tools, equipment or vehicles, or have an office full of assets, Day By Day is there to make your insurance work for you. So you can protect what’s yours.

We’re the first Australian company to develop decentralised insurance solutions, giving Australia and New Zealand a game-changing asset management platform. And our own backyard certainly won’t be our last stop.

We’re making insurance smarter using advanced thinking, ultra-modern blockchain solutions and straightforward, intelligent processes. From the desire and commitment to change an outdated system for the better, a world-first app and a new way of thinking about insurance emerged.

Discover insurance and asset management in real-time for our fast-paced world that can keep up with you and your business — day by day. Interested?

Download the app today and get back in control of what’s yours.

Categorise your insured assets with Day By Day’s app. Available now to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Categorise your insured assets with Day By Day’s app. Available now to download from the App Store and Google Play.



Day By Day

Day By Day is decentralising the democratising the global protection industry with NFTs and DeFi. Learn more at daybyday.io